Jay Cruz

No Pressure

“Just write. Even if only one person learns something from your article, you’ll feel great, and that you’ve contributed — even if just a little bit — to this amazing community that we’re all constantly learning from. And if no one reads your article, then that’s also okay.”


One of the main reasons many of us abandoned blogging for social media was because blogging became serious long-form writing. It stopped being a form of communication and expression and it became just another medium for mostly non-fiction writing. Journalists, Essayist, and professional Writers, while legitimizing Blogging as valuable, ended up becoming rock star bloggers, eventually pushing us amateurs away. We couldn't compete with the pros. The pressure to only post valuable content was too high and social media gave us back that no-pressure of just expressing ourselves.

There's a vibe going on. Due to recent events at Twitter people are rethinking social media and looking back at blogging. People are talking about RSS. It's interesting and the enthusiasm is contagious.

Blogging probably won't make a comeback, but people are definitely tired of the competition and the performance.

We are realizing that there's no need to compete. There's no pressure. Just write.